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The cube is a development of kpc. This has been designed as an alternative to the conventional food wagon, a mobile unit for the modern and quick gastronomy, in different sizes and designs. either as a grill cube, coffee cube, sandwich cube or even a beach bar – everything is possible and still individual.

The cube size of 6 x 3 meters or alternatively as a high cube sea container with 20 or 40 feet ensures a variable set up with counter, preparation, production and storage. Further zones can be added to the cube for cold storage and extra storage, changing rooms as well as a seating area for guests. Your connection to the guests can be through hydraulic flaps, doors or sliding windows. The outside elements can be spruced up with wood or eternit panels – your individual choice.

The cube will be supplied turn-key, slip-resistant floors, grooved edges, smooth wall surfaces easy to clean, LED lighting, electrical sub-distribution, water pipes and air extraction.

Park and start up. Delivery time approx. 4-6 weeks. We can offer interesting leasing or purchasing conditions.