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Winchester Mansions – 4* hotel kitchen Cape Town

The Winchester Mansions Hotel on the Beach Road is one of Cape Towns most renowned Hotels. To ensure the continuation of the high quality achieved over the years and to develop energy efficiency the hotel has just completed the complete refurbishment of the kitchen. The complete project was realized in 3 months, including design, demolition, procurement, delivery, assembly and commissioning. The kitchen has been fitted with the newest technology including high slip grade epoxy floor surface, ventilated ceiling for active and passive areas in panel form and fully washable, 5 meter long cooking block with 4 mm worktop in one piece and working surfaces fully welded on site to achieve highest hygienic standards.

For consultancy and realization purposes the Hotel brought in the knowledge and experience of the kpc company from Germany. The kpc company has been operating on the national and international markets, specializing in design and supply for kitchens and restaurants in the catering trade, hotels, hospitals, old people’s homes, industrial kitchens, coffee shops and fast food outlets. The projects range from planning and design right through to turnkey solutions. The planning and engineering knowledge combined with quality equipment, assures the design of modern and economical kitchen and food systems. The staffing in kpc range from interior designers through to engineers with up to 20 years of experience in this very specialised field.

kpc has set up a company from 1 st October 2012 in Cape Town operating under the name kpc – “kitchen and catering project consultancy (Pty) Ltd”. The company operates as a consultant and supplier in South Africa and other parts of the African market to assist the clients in achieving the highest standards and results in their new developments and refurbishment program. Future plans within the company include a warehouse for product and spare parts distribution as well as a classified catalogue for a range of products to be purchased online. Service and maintenance will also be developed with a skilled and trained working force.

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